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I’m celebrating my mention in the Mashable article by giving away a free sample from my book. You’ll get 7 coloring pages from Where the Pretty Things Are coloring book. You can download and color within minutes. Just sign up below.

Cover for Where the Pretty Things Are by Raynay Valles



Which type of colorer are you?

A friend and I were talking about colorers, how some people are secretive and others are very open about their love of coloring. I’m a social colorer, sometimes sharing what I color.

Are there different types of adults who love to color? If so, which type of colorer are you?

Secret Colorer
Colors alone in a quiet place with a cup of tea, or another favorite beverage. Doesn’t see a need to mention their coloring hobby to others. Finds coloring to be very relaxing.

Social Colorer
Doesn’t care who knows they love to color. May color with friends in coloring groups. May put their completed artwork on the fridge or frame and mount their finished work on the wall. Also may share their colored works online. Has a lot of fun coloring.

Artistic Colorer
Sees coloring as a serious creative outlet. Studies color palettes and shading. May use multiple media such as colored pencils with pen highlights. Sometimes signs their completed work of art.  Proud of taking coloring to the next level.

What do you think? Which kind of colorer are you? Comment below.


Limited edition coloring collection, signed by the author

She congratulated me, she complimented me, but said she only bought coloring books printed on cardstock. She uses colored pens and needs thick pages. My book is printed on paper which is fine for pencil and crayons. If only I could offer my artwork on heavy paper for people who prefer it.

I listened. Now I’ve created a collection of my original artwork on cardstock…

Limited Edition Coloring Collection
Where the Pretty Things Are
Only 500 available

20160111_limited edition collection

Here are the details:

  • There will be only 500 of this collection printed
  • Each collection has 16 illustrations hand-selected by the artist
  • Each collection is numbered and signed by the artist
  • Printed on 110# cardstock so you can color with pens, markers, pencils, crayons, etc.
  • No binding so they are ready to color and frame

There are only 500 so don’t miss out. Just $15.00. To order, click here


The story behind some of my drawings

One summer day I looked out the front window and saw a small dog. There was a chihuahua in the groundcover. As it was a very hot day I brought out some cold water in a bowl. We ended up bringing him in and looking for his owner. We even had him scanned at the vet. Eventually, he was adopted by my neighbor’s sister, who had two lady chihuahuas. Lucky dog!

What’s funny about this drawing is that most people think it’s a cat. It’s like that old saying, dogs and cats are in the eyes of the beholder. ; – ) OK, I made that up.


Speaking of cats, we live in a neighborhood with several free-roaming cats. They often wander in and out of my backyard, sometimes leaving “gifts”. This summer I added Thai basil to the kitchen garden and the cats lost it. They dug up the Thai basil, the regular basil, oregano and the pepper plants. I don’t know why they had that reaction. This drawing represents a peaceful time where they are just hanging out, napping.

napping cats

This drawing was inspired by Cecil the lion, who was tragically hunted and killed. It’s so senseless. At least we can remember how majestic he was and how beautiful all lions are.
Art from Where the Pretty Things Are

Below is drawing that makes me think of love birds. So similar yet different, locked in a dance. Or at least what I see in my mind’s eye.

being in love

The first year I moved into my house, I was such a hopeful gardener. We moved in autumn, so I planted daffodil and tulip bulbs in the window box. I imagined sitting in my living room, the flowers blooming at the window in spring. It was a beautiful dream until I looked out the window and saw a squirrel. Then another one at the window. Then I noticed they were playing volleyball with the bulbs. This drawing is of squirrels behaving.


Free coloring page – I’m thankful

How would you fill in the blank below?

In thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to make a “thanks” design. Imagine all the kids (and some adults too) coloring. Download, print and color. Share freely. You can download the pdf version below:

Click here for the PDF of I’m Thankful by Raynay Valles
I'm thankful drawing by Raynay Valles

This is a nice page to share with family and friends who love to color.

Imagine the possibilities…

You can color it and frame your finished work.
You can print enough copies for your coloring group.
You can download it to give to all the kids in the house for a fun activity.
You can color and post your page online and tag your friends.
Have fun!

I’m thankful you stopped by. You’re welcome to download and color this version too:

Click here for the PDF of I’m Thankful for YOU by Raynay Valles
thankful for you

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