Which type of colorer are you?

A friend and I were talking about colorers, how some people are secretive and others are very open about their love of coloring. I’m a social colorer, sometimes sharing what I color.

Are there different types of adults who love to color? If so, which type of colorer are you?

Secret Colorer
Colors alone in a quiet place with a cup of tea, or another favorite beverage. Doesn’t see a need to mention their coloring hobby to others. Finds coloring to be very relaxing.

Social Colorer
Doesn’t care who knows they love to color. May color with friends in coloring groups. May put their completed artwork on the fridge or frame and mount their finished work on the wall. Also may share their colored works online. Has a lot of fun coloring.

Artistic Colorer
Sees coloring as a serious creative outlet. Studies color palettes and shading. May use multiple media such as colored pencils with pen highlights. Sometimes signs their completed work of art.  Proud of taking coloring to the next level.

What do you think? Which kind of colorer are you? Comment below.


One thought on “Which type of colorer are you?”

  1. I’m a secret colorer but also artistic. I like to mix multiple medias; pencils, markers, pastels… but I color to relax, mostly.

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